Our First Christmas With Baby

The holidays are almost over for 2021. It most certainly have been a few memorable days for us. After all, this was our first Christmas with Runa. She loved the lights and colours on the decorated tree, as well as the shiny wrapping paper and bows. We have started to establish our own traditions.

Presents, for example, were a topic of much debate. In Germany, you open them on Christmas Eve in the afternoon or evening. In the UK, you open them on Christmas Day in the morning. So, we came up with a compromise: Some presents were opened on Christmas Eve, some on Christmas Day. Considering the huge pile that had accumulated under our tree after many relatives had sent and brought gifts for Runa, it was probably for the best.

We had two big sessions opening presents, and Runa ended up sleeping at the end of both. The most interesting bit was for her the shiny bows. She didn’t care too much for the presents themselves at first. Over the two days, we have taken the time to show her all her gifts individually. She took her time to grab and explore them, and had a lot of fun.

For next year, we are very excited for her to join us and understand many more traditions, also in the lead up to Christmas. We will be baking traditional German Christmas biscuits together and sing songs, she will join in tree decorating and also at Christmas dinner. We are very excited for the years to come, to see her grow up and experience the magic of the festive season.

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