A Fitness Update

Runa is heading towards the 4 months mark, and I am well underway with my journey back to fitness. At ten weeks post partum, I was cleared to start running again. Doing pelvic floor exercises religiously from 3 days after birth had paid off. I was given the green light to start slowly and keep listening to my body.

How It’s Going

So, I started a couch to 5k programme on my new treadmill. Early in the morning or in the evening, when James was available to take care of the baby. I’ll admit that especially the beginning was hard. Getting into a routine took some discipline, and it didn’t help that I found the sessions hard. They seemed easy on paper, almost ridiculously so compared to what I did last year, and yet I was exhausted at the end. The couch to 5k has three sessions per week, and I added rides on my exerise bike on three more days as well as keeping up with my abdominal and pelvic floor exercises.

I am now at the end of week 6, and up to a continuous 25 minute run. I have definitely gotten fitter since week 1, but I’m far away from a good shape. Seeing my improvements is fun though, and I enjoy getting out for a run on the weekends. During the Christmas break, when James is off work and can spend time with Runa during the day, I also plan to take my bike for a ride along the country lanes. I have been planning this for a while, but with short daylight hours, it hasn’t happened yet.

I’m sure my shape will only improve from hereon, especially as I am slowly shedding the extra baby pounds.

Big Plans

I wouldn’t be myself though if I wasn’t making plans for the future. After last year’s races were all cancelled, and I wasn’t able to do any races this year, I am yearning to do one soon.

In an overly confident moment, I signed up for a 58k trail race in the Cairngorms on the 4th of June 2022. It has 1800m of ascent, I don’t know what exactly I was thinking when signing up. On the other hand, it gives my training a purpose and adds motivation to sluggish sessions on the treadmill.

After that race, I intend to do a 70k ultramarathon in late September, and hopefully participate in the Cheviot Goat Ultra 55 mile (88k) in December. I was signed up for the Cheviot Goat in December 2019, but it got cancelled after weeks of uncertainty. Next year, I hope to be on the start line and in a shape as good as I was last year.

That is my goals for the next year all set, and I will be working hard towards them.

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