My Pregnancy Training

My pregnancy is progressing inevitably and the bump growing steadily. There is no denying that I’m past the halfway mark of this 40 week journey. While that is very exciting, I’m also constantly adapting to my new shape. Although most of my shape hasn’t changed, it’s only the addition of a growing bump, really. Just this morning James said: “You don’t even look pregnant from behind!”

Well, I certainly feel pregnant. And the ongoing niggles definitely confirm that. After getting my second wind early in the second trimester, I managed a few weeks with lovely running sessions. I did several runs into the local hills and woods, it was great fun. And then it all went downhill again. It was a lovely Sunday, and I was going to take James on one of my run into the lovely Deuchny Wood.

A Turn For The Worse

But we had barely started when I first noticed a slight pain below the bump. Nothing to worry, I figured, and walked briefly until it went away again. Barely two minutes later, the pain came back, more of a shooting pain this time. Again, we walked until it went away. On we went, but not for long. As we reached the foot of the hill, the pain was so stabbing I had to bend over. I had to admit defeat and that it wasn’t working. It didn’t feel right to keep going. While I was sure the baby was fine, I certainly wasn’t, so we slowly walked back home.

Some research solved the mystery of what was plaguing me: Pelvic girdle pain, a quite common thing in pregnancy caused by losening joints and ligaments in the pelvic area. Reading the guidance on this issue, it became quite clear that I would need to stop running for now. That was a frustrating realisation after just getting back the ability to do so! A few days were spent moping around the house and going on a slow walk occasionally.

In Need Of A Solution

It became clear that I needed a solution to this forced inactivity. All sports involving higher impact, such as running, would cause me pain. Cycling seemed like a good alternative. However, the NHS doesn’t recommend it as a fall would have detrimental effects on the baby. A stationary exercise bike would eliminate such risks, so I decided to get one.

The hunt wasn’t easy. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but with the pandemic still going on and gyms being closed, demand for home gym equipment is high. Eventually, I managed to source a budget version from Argos. Since then, I have been hitting the saddle around three times a week for some much needed exercise. It’s not the same as running outside, but better than nothing and keeps me fit.

Additionally, I still go for walks. The strongest phase of the pelvic girdle pain has also subsided by now, and about once a week, I feel good enough to go for a short jog. I hope things stay like this for a while before the weight of my bump makes running too uncomfortable.

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