First Harvest

After a few warm and sunny weeks, it is much cooler and cloudier again here in Scotland. However, the effects of this blast of summer are very visible in our garden.

Rhubarb, freshly cut from the garden.

Most importantly, we’ve brought in a first harvest of rhubarb and spinach beet! I was so excited to go out into the garden with a knife and cut my own veg for the very first time. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed: The spinach beet was a delicious and fresh addition to dinner. The rhubarb ended up in a delicious crumble for dessert. I also got curious and pulled a teeny-tiny carrot the other day. It was probably the most aromatic carrot I’ve ever tasted and I can’t wait for the big harvest later in the year!

Chilly chillies are growing and ripening.

Apart from these first crops, the rest of the garden is also making great progress. Well, mostly at least. A tree at the end of the garden got uprooted in the strong wind last weekend. Other than that, we have a lupin in full bloom and marigolds with buds. The thyme, sage and tarragon I planted out a few weeks ago are going strong. Everything is getting green and I love it. Also on the inside! My Sweet Banana and Chilly Chillie plants are having first fruits, Cherry Bomb and Large Red Cherry are in bloom and all the others are growing every day. Soon I’ll be able to harvest those too!

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