Enjoying a Brief Summer

The end of May was pretty hot, at least for Scotland. With just minimal lifting of lockdown restrictions here, I still keep running up and down the Fife Coastal Path around my little cottage.

Climbing The Rock and Spindle also got easier.

While the route itself isn’t changing, at least nature does provide some variety. The bluebells are gone, and instead everything is lush and green after several weeks of sunshine and warm weather. The path is becoming more and more overgrown, and ticks are everywhere.

Simultaneously, I can also see myself getting a bit fitter. Running up and down little ascents and steps is less hard than it used to be. Overall, I feel better despite running slightly faster. Also climbing in my usual spots like The Rock and Spindle have gotten easier. Overall, I was feeling pleased with my progress over the last weeks.

Unfortunately, I have no idea when this progress will be put to the test. Just today, I found out that the Ring of Steall Skyrace has been cancelled this year. With that, my remaining summer race goal has vanished into the Covid-19 abyss. Hopefully, the Cheviot Goat Ultra in December will take place, but who knows. I won’t hold my breath.

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