Yoga Update

It’s been a while since I wrote about my intentions to take up a yoga routine. Time for an update, I thought.

My intention was to do 10-20 minutes of yoga every morning. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t keep that up. I didn’t stop doing yoga though! Currently, I am doing 3-4 sessions per week, mostly on days I’m not running or feel in need of a good stretch. I am happy with that amount. Overall, establishing this routine has really been beneficial for me. It really helps me relax.

Additionally, I have definitely improved flexibility and form. While still not overly flexible, especially my shoulders and neck are less stiff and painful in everyday life. My hips – usually a problem area for runners – have improved mobility. Generally, I find getting into positions and holding the poses easier, and I definitely understand what I have to do when the yoga teacher in the video says “downward dog”. Admittedly, I’m still doing a limited number of beginner yoga videos, but I’d rather get the basics down properly before advancing. I don’t want to compromise form for trying too advanced poses too soon.

Sometimes, I even get James to join me. Initially a bit apprehensive, he has since admitted that some yoga session is good for neck, shoulders and general posture. So, that’s my update. Although not daily, I’m still doing yoga. And I really enjoy it! It’s a nice contrast to running.

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