It’s Getting Green

It’s been a while since the last update on our cottage garden. After having brought in some initial structure, we planted seeds in quite a few beds and then had to wait. By now, the wait has been worth it and we see lots of seedling.

I can’t wait to harvest the rhubarb!

The bluebell bulbs we found amidst weed are blossoming beautifully. Cornflower, calendula, sweet pea, poppy and forget-me-not are all coming up. We have planted green bean, courgette, squash and corn seedlings out into the veg patches. Spinach and carrot plants are showing up. The potato plants are growing nicely. Marigold, dahlia and antirrhinum seedlings are ready to be planted out within the next week The rhubarb looks lush and is almost ready for harvest. I’m really excited for that! I can’t wait to cook and bake with vegetables from our own garden.

Eventually, chilli fruit will appear there!

Inside, the chilli plants are starting to bloom, so hopefully I’ll be able to harvest my first lot of homegrown chillies soon! The herb plants are also coming along nicely. In a few more weeks most of them can go into the outside herb garden.

The garden is far from ready though. I have a few more flowers to seed in beds we just finished preparing. And obviously, the seedlings have to grow into beautiful plants before they’ll blossom. If everything goes to plan, the garden should look rich in colour in a few months. I’ll make sure to show pictures of that!

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