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After several weeks, I was finally able to get hold of one pack of strong wholemeal flour! With that, I was finally able to bake some bread again. I decided to improvise and make a multi-seed bread with all sorts of seeds that were left-overs from previous things. I just love the smell and taste of a loaf fresh out of the oven!

I was positively surprised how the apple-rosemary jelly turned out.

To accompany the fresh bread (and get rid of some old fruit), I also tried my luck cooking jelly. I went for apple-rosemary with rum in the first attempt, and it turned out very nicely. My second attempt for pear-apple with a hint of nutmeg went less well. The nutmeg is coming through a little too strongly for my liking and the pectin I used formed a few small clumps.

Definitely some room for improvement there. I think ground spices might not be the way forward with jellies and jams. Before I give it another try, I have several jars of jelly to eat through. In the meantime, I’ll bake different breads and some cake.


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