Mixing It Up

It’s been three weeks and the UK is still in lockdown, which has recently been extended for another 3 weeks. This past week, I’ve been on annual leave. Obviously, I couldn’t go anywhere, but it felt like a good idea to just break up the work from home routine a bit. There are always so many things to do around the house, that I never get round to a few of them.

The vast beach was completely empty on our run.

One constant is my exercise. I am still doing yoga daily and I go for runs on the coastal path 5 or 6 times a week. The changing tides and conditions provide some variety at least. The terrain changes vastly along the path. It covers small single track, beaches, rocky shores and wide grassy tracks. The views are still gorgeous, I don’t seem to get tired of them. Yet, I was longing to mix it up a little somehow. 

Adding in Some Scrambling

Hopping from rock to rock along the coast.

One of the things I had planned for this spring were trips to the Cairngorms and Glen Coe area. The idea was to combine my long weekend runs with some easy scrambles. I had already planned routes and marked them on maps. While I couldn’t go on these bigger adventures, nothing can stop me from a micro-adventure starting at my front door.

The coastal path around my farm cottage leads along several sections with low, but rugged rock faces. It had crossed my mind before that those rocks seemed very climbable. Now was the time to test that. On another run James and I went on, we diverted from the path and went down the rocks, to climb horizontally along the coast and merge back onto the path further ahead.

The low rock face gave opportunities to make the scramble really easy or a little more challenging.

What a great idea! At low tide, the rocks gave the opportunity to go really easy on the ground or take the scrambling and climbing route along the low rock face. We opted for the scrambling route, hopping from rock to rock and mixing in a few easy climbing moves. The whole thing only lasted for 30 metres or so, but it was such fun. It broke up the run and gave us an extra rush of adrenaline.

Afterwards, we felt small sense of accomplishment and happily ran home the last two miles. The whole experience was re-energizing and I’ll definitely do that again. It can’t replace a real scramble in the highlands, but at least provide some excitement on our regular runs. And it’s really fun!

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