Taking Up a Yoga Routine

The longer I am forced to stay at home, the more I feel the effects of it. This last week, my mood has definitely fallen more and more. I do miss getting out a lot. Without going to work, my day is missing some structure. Working from home at a laptop is causing tight shoulders and a stiff neck. To help with these issues, I have decided to try and take up a daily yoga routine.

I’ve been meaning to give that a try for ages. As a runner, my legs could really use some more stretching. I make an effort to do regular stretching sessions, but I’ll admit that I could be better with it. Additionally, I hope that the calming nature and mindfulness of yoga help with my low mood.

Getting Started

Starting the day with a stretch.

On Monday morning, I got out of bed at 7.30am and rolled out my exercise mat. I started my laptop, opened YouTube and typed in “yoga for beginners”. Immediately, tons of videos appeared for that search. I went for one in German in the end, because I had read a good review about that channel before. 

Initially I hesitated to do things like focusing on breathing, or closing my eyes to let go. Once I got over this initial hesitation, it actually was really nice. The video was for absolute beginners with no experience. When the yoga teacher did the moves, it all looked easy and natural. When I did them, I could get nowhere near the stretches she showed. Especially my shoulders and wrists turned out to be my weak point. Not a big surprise, I’m currently only working at my desk and my stretching sessions always focus on the legs. 

Some routines contain strengthening poses, like this shoulder bridge.

Every morning since, I have started the day with a yoga session. On a few days, I felt really tired and out of energy. In that case, I opted for a 10 minute stretching session for beginners. On days when I felt more energized, I went for a 20 minute session including stretches and strength components. In both cases, I felt more awake, more relaxed and less tight afterwards. 

Keeping It Up

The easy part is done: Getting started. Now comes the harder part: Keeping the routine up. I will do my best to continue rolling out the mat every morning. I am already noticing the benefits of a daily yoga routine. My shoulders and wrists definitely lack flexibility. Also the rest of my body could use some more stretching.

Over time, I hope to see improvements in the execution of the various poses. Until then, I just need to keep rolling out the mat every morning. I’ll be back with an update on how that’s going soon! 

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