Turning the House Into a Plant Nursery

As already said in previous articles, James and I are hard at work in the garden during lockdown. We have big plans, and most of them are well underway. This involves having sown lots of different plants already, some of them inside. While we are slowly running out of window sill space, I have taken stock of what is currently growing inside. Some of the plants will be transplanted outside once they are big enough, some will stay inside.

The sweet basil seedlings are doing well and need potting out soon.

Without further ado, here is what’s currently growing in our cottage:

1 ginseng tree

2 succulents

7 pots of bigger chilli plants (about 9 months old)

8 pots of freshly grown chilli seedlings

6 pots of chilli seeds, waiting for seedlings to appear

2 pots each of lemon basil, sweet basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, dill and tarragon 

The thyme seedlings are awaiting potting out as well.

4 pots of squash seedlings

9 pots of beans, waiting for seedlings to appear

10 pots of courgette seedlings

29 pots of corn, some already showing seedlings

25 pots of dahlia seedlings

1 tray of marigold seedlings

1 tray of lavender, waiting for seedlings to appear

1 tray of antirrhinum seedlings


Most of the flowers, veg and herbs will go outside, while the chilli plants stay inside. Maybe I should also point out that my chilli plants are not all of the same variety. I have plants of 14 different varieties. Most of them will form heatless or very mild fruit since I can’t take hot food at all. There are also a few medium or hot varieties, mainly for James or because the plants will look pretty. In case anyone wonders where you can get this many different chilli seeds, the South Devon Chilli Farm has a great selection of 50 varieties, ranging from heatless to the hottest available (Carolina Reaper), and their seeds germinate very reliably. Obviously, there are still 36 more chilli varieties I need to grow (shh, don’t tell James!). 

I Need More Space

Some corn seedlings are already showing up, others are yet to come.

The list above is quite long, and I am out of window space. Every window sill in the house is overflowing with pots. One of my benches for the dining table has been converted into a window sill. During lockdown, we won’t have dinner guests, so that’s fine. And there are still 30 pots on the floor! I would have liked to start even more flowers inside, but that just wasn’t feasible. Living close to the coast means lots of strong and cold winds in spring, and that’s not the best conditions for new seedlings. I’ll see how the plants will do that have been sown outdoors.

My neighbour has an unused greenhouse in her garden. It’s missing a few windows, but is fine otherwise. I wish that was in my garden! I really want a greenhouse for things like plant seedlings, tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies. I guess that’ll have to wait until we buy our own house at some point. Until then, I’ll continue turning our cottage into a plant nursery and fill every inch with pots and trays for seedlings. I’ll be back with an update soon!




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