Progress in the Garden

The weather in eastern Scotland is currently great, and we’re making sure to get the most out of it. Almost every day, we change into our work clothes and get out into the garden for an hour or two after our designated work times. It’s hard work, but it’s so rewarding! 

What Have We Been Up To?

I dug out all the bushes in the bed below our bedroom window.

The stone path below the windows has finally been excavated. Only took me something like 8 hours in total… I have also cleared the beds at the house. They were full of grass, creepers and bushes. At some point in the past, the bushes probably looked nice, but with little to no care in the past years, they were pretty hopeless. So that’s all empty and ready to be planted now.

James finished clearing the big veg patch and dug out several trees and tons of roots. With that all clear and ready to go, sowing and planting has begun! We planted out the little squash plants I had prepared indoors, we sowed parsnips, carrots and spinach and also brought potatoes into the ground. Now we need to patiently wait until first seedlings appear. I’m so excited for that!

We have planted out the squash plants into the prepared veg patch.

I have also made a pretty flower border for daffodils and primulas. Throughout the garden, little daffodil groups and primula plants were randomly distributed. To give everything some structure, I dug up part of the lawn at a stone wall and planted the flowers in there. It looks so pretty with all the colours in one place. 

What’s Next?

James is already busy clearing the second, smaller veg patch. There is some rhubarb in there that we want to rescue and we have more veg to sow. With no trees to dig out there, clearing should be much quicker and I hope we can sow early next week.

I have made a plan for borders and beds and decided which flowers are going where. I have a bunch of different seeds that are just waiting to be sown as well as my herbs to plant out. But before that can commence, some massively overgrown beds need some urgent attention. Creepers and grass have infiltrated it all after years of neglect.

Some of the flowers will be sown directly into beds. Others have been sown inside already like this first Dahlia seedling.

The ground structure of our garden is promising though. Although my neighbours’ gardens are sloping down towards the river, ours has been reshaped into several level terraces with stone walls and steps in between. The beds outside the windows and the upper terrace are designated for flowers, the middle terrace is currently unattended lawn, while the lower two terraces are veg patches with some wilder borders. Bit by bit, we’re gonna bring the garden back to it’s former glory! I hope that by the end of summer, we’ll have lush flowers and juicy veg out there.

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