Our Cottage Garden Project

This is the current state of my garden, looking from the end to the house.

While the whole country is still in Covid-19 lockdown, the garden of my cottage is getting some much needed attention. I really regret not taking any photos before getting started on it, so I’ll do my best to do it justice with my description.

When I first moved into this cottage, the garden was totally overgrown and wild. It seemed that no-one had taken care of it in a long time. In theory, the garden was supposed to extend from my cottage to the river at the end of the garden. From about halfway however, my garden was completely covered in shrubs, some of them with nasty thorns. It was basically impossible to get to the end of my garden. Luckily, my landlady agreed to have someone cut back all the shrubs to make it more manageable for me.


Taking Stock

James digging out the roots of shrubs.

After all of that was cut back, I could finally take stock of my garden. Under the shrubs, three vegetable patches came to light. Together, James and I dug out all the roots of the shrubs still left in there. Some really nice daffodils and primulas appeared in the more or less overgrown flowerbeds. At the house, a huge rosmary bush is blossoming and attrackting bees already. We even found some rhubarb in one of the veg patches!

Some beautiful daffodils appeared in the beds.

Throughout the garden, we are discovering rocks and stones that make up paths or flower bed borders. Below the windows, I excavated a beautiful stone path from underneath a layer of grass and nasty creepers. In some places, we’re still not quite sure whether there is supposed to be a path or whether someone just dumped a rock there. Time will tell, I guess.


A flowering rosmary bush is attracting bees already.

Right now, the garden is very bare, we are busy preparing the veg patches and flower borders. In most parts, that means ripping out huge quantities of weeds and grass. I’m rescuing the beautiful flowers and planting them into new positions.

Big Plans

The days are getting longer and warmer, and planting season has begun. I have already sown butternut squash plants, that I’m hardening off now before planting them out once the veg patches are ready.

My sage and rosmary bushes will be planted out soon.

My sage and rosmary bushes are also getting accustomed to the outdoors and will find a new home in a flower bed soon. A few days ago, I prepared a seeding tray with dill, thyme, tarragon and oregan. Only today, I sowed courgette plants, beans and corn as well as lavender, dahlias and antirrhinum. And now I have to patiently wait before seedlings appear hopefully soon!

Herbs and chillies are growing in a seed tray.

In addition to the plants im growing for outdoors, I have also sown several chilli varieties. The chillies will not go outside, but I intend to add them to my growing collection of different chillies inside. This obsession has been majorly influenced by a visit to the South Devon Chilli Farm last August. Chillies are really attractive plants and you even get something out of it! And since I can’t take spiciness very well, most of the chillies are mild or heatless varieties.

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