Time to Bake

With lots of time saved without getting ready and commuting to work, I am trying to find some bright sides of this lockdown. I can finally do all the things I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

First up on my list is baking. I really enjoy it, but I never had time to try all the things I want to make. Every now and then, when I could fit it in, I’d make a bread or a pie, but rarely more. Especially while writing up my doctoral thesis I did not have a second spare. Since the beginning of self-isolation and lockdown, I have already made banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, pecan and banana muffins as well as custard and banana tartlets. Yes, Iknow, this is a lot of banana. We had too many and they were going brown.

Baking is a bit like lab work and experiments. You have a recipe, but you can still mess up and will only know at the end whether it worked. Perhaps I a compensating a bit, but who cares. James certainly doesn’t complain about sweet treats. Some of them get frozen though, otherwise we’d turn chubby quite quickly.

Let’s see what else I’ll try until my flour runs out. It’s hard to get new baking ingredients at the supermarket currently, so apparently I’m not the only one taking to the kitchen. Fingers crossed I might get hold of another pack soon!

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