Adapting to the Lockdown

As everywhere around the world, there is currently one topic dominating the news: Coronavirus. The last weeks have seen an incredibly fast moving series of events. Almost every day, new measures and guidelines were announced. Sadly, the British government has put the whole of the UK in lockdown last night.

What Does That Mean?

I’m not gonna explain in detail since I’m no expert, but you will find plenty of info on the internet (for example on this BBC site). Essentially, the issue is that people ignored the government advice, so stricter rules are being enforced now.

To sum up it all up very briefly: People are only allowed to leave the house for very particular reasons. Those are buying the essentials, providing care and medical services, travelling to work if necessary or exercise once a day. Other than that, all people must stay at home.

And What Does That Mean For Me?

For me, there have been a few changes. I had agreed with my boss to work from home already. I live in a remote farm cottage and do big weekly shops. Even before Coronavirus, I have spent my free time pottering around the house and garden or running alone. Since my gym has been shut, I got myself some weights, resistance bands, a skipping rope and an exercise mat to do my strength work at home.

Luckily, my cottage is basically on the Fife Coastal Path and I have been doing most of my runs there. It is the closest path to my house. I am refraining from trips to other places now, like the Lomond Hills Regional Park. This is unnecessary travel.

Currently, I am in a very fortunate position. I can work from home. My garden is getting some much needed attention as James and I are prepping the beds to plant flowers and veg. I am baking a lot. So far, my running has not been affected.

What Lies Ahead?

There is a possibility that the government has to enforce yet stricter rules if people keep ignoring the current ones. I really hope this will not be necessary. I hope people are responsible enough to stay at home and follow the rules.

We don’t know for how long the current lockdown situation will continue. The lockdown is set to continue for three weeks, but measures will be re-assessed and potentially extended if necessary. No-one really knows what’s going to happen.

Those are scary and uncertain times for all of us, but we have to abide by the government rules. A month ago I would not have believed that life would change so much. I could not have imagined what is happening right now.

Trying to Deal With Everything

As most people, I feel a bit overwhelmed by the current situation, but I am trying my best. Keeping up a work routine with regular hours of 8am to 4pm is helping a lot. I am pursuing all the activities I have always liked but never really had enough time for.

And most of all, enjoying time outside and in nature is helping me to take my mind off those bad news constantly flooding in. So to me, the permitted exercise I can do once a day on the trails around my house is sacred.

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