A Day Out in the Welsh Countryside

The strong winds nearly blew me away as we reached the peak of the little hill just outside Bethesda. I looked around as my eyes were tearing up from the cold breeze, and it was just breathtaking. Soft green meadows were extending all around us. Little farm houses sprinkled across them and stone walls formed an almost grid-like pattern.

Welch countryside
The walls separating meadows made a nice contrast to the snow capped mountains in the distance.

The walk up the little hill had lead across some of these meadows, passing a few peacefully grazing sheep and a small river on the way. With every bit we walked up, the view revealed itself a little more, until we were finally able to see to the bay outside Bangor on the one side and the mountains of Snowdonia National Park on the other side. Snow was covering the mountain tops in the distance. The peaks seemingly merged into some low hanging clouds that were foreshadowing more snowfall. On one of the hills we discovered a small pass road winding its way up into the snow, only to disappear from our view before the top. Having been sheltered by the hill on the way up, the strong wind hit us unexpectedly as we emerged on the top.

Low hanging cloud
The dark, low-hanging clouds were foreshadowing more snow to come at night.

We crossed the hill and descended a bit into a gorge with a tiny stream in it, only to ascend again on the next hill. Although only a short distance away from the previous peaks, the view changed. On the way up, we passed an empty animal keep. With not a single animal around, it seemed a little out of place. From there, we could see the low tide in the bay outside the city of Bangor. On the other side, the views opened up to even more grassland and soft hills. In the distance we could see a little waterfall on the side of a hills.

A lonely cow grazing on the meadows outside Bethesda.
A lonely cow grazing on the meadows of Snowdonia National Park.

Slowly we walked back. On the way, we came across a lonely cow peacefully grazing in the setting sun. The way into the village was short, but it felt like entering back from another world. Sheltered from the wind again, we felt our cheeks getting red from the cold breeze. The fresh air and vastness of the landscape were a nice break from the city I usually live in.

Hungry from the hike, we finished the day with a lovely roast dinner and a pint in the local pub Llangollen Vaults before heading back to our room for the night. The warmth of the pub made us really tired and we slept like stones that night.

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