West Lomond With Runa

Last weekend, we finally had some nice weather again after weeks of rain. Of course, we had to make the most of it and headed for a day in the hills. Having built confidence over the last few months, we decided it was time for Runa’s highest hill yet: West Lomond at 522m.

The day started relaxed, and we began our walk at the car park. After complaining about being put into a jacket, Runa calmed down as soon as she was in the buggy and the movement started. We enjoyed a gentle stroll along wide paths while approaching the hill. Once at the foot of the hill, we started taking turns. Pushing a buggy plus baby up a steep incline is one hell of a workout! Plenty of people commented on accomplishing such a tough feat. Our speed wasn’t too bad though, and we even overtook a family walking their dog.

Finally, we reached the top of West Lomond, panting hard. But the views were georgeous! It was clear all around, with blue skies and bright sunshine. Runa took a little feed and even opened her eyes for the first time since starting the walk. After taking in the views for a while, the chilly wind became a bit too cold for the baby and we decided to descend again.

West Lomond has several routes to get to the top, but only one of them isn’t too steep for a buggy. Thus, we took down the same way we had come up. Needless to say, down was significantly easier than up! Once back at the car, we had our own lunch and then made our way back home for a relaxed afternoon.

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