Another Adventure Weekend

Another weekend has passed, and it was a good one: James had a day of annual leave on Friday and we made the most of our 3 days off.

East Lomond

Things kicked off with a trip to the Lomond Hills in Fife on Friday. We packed up Runa, everything we’d need for her and even lunch for us this time, before heading off. The weather forecast was for the rain to stop around lunch time, followed by a dry afternoon. Thus, we didn’t think of packing a change of dry clothes for us and only wore mildly waterresistant trousers rather than full waterproofs. Well, let’s just say things were less dry than anticipated.

On the descent from East Lomond. The peak had disappeared behind us in the clouds.

Being a rainy Friday, the car park was empty apart from one other car. We got out and wrapped Runa up warm before putting her under the rain cover of her buggy. She fell asleep basically immediately, before the zippers had been closed. As we made our way around the base of East Lomond, the rain continued. Rather than clearing up, clouds were hanging low and the peak disappeared within them. We pushed on and started the ascent on the grassy slopes of the hill. The rain got heavier and the wind picked up the higher we got.

Eventually, we admitted defeat just below the peak and made our way back to the car. Once down again, we were completely soaked. Nevertheless, we felt refreshed and reinvigorated. Only a shame that we had not brought any dry clothes. Being as soaked as we were, we decided to drive home straight away rather than making a stop in Falkland for a tea and some cake. Instead, we enjoyed some warm showers and a mug of hot chocolate back home!

MacDuff’s Monument

On Sunday, we did finally have the dry and clear day that we had hoped for on Friday. So after lunch, we decided to head outside and take a nice walk. We were going to try and make it up our local hill to MacDuff’s Monument. I had not managed to go up there since giving birth as the path is very narrow and rocky, so I’d need to carry Runa in our front carrier rather than push her in a buggy.

We set out without any pressure, just to see how far up we could get. And things went surprisingly well! I was getting out of breath and feeling the extra baby load on my front, but with a short break halfway, we made it! We got all the way to the top and enjoyed the clear views and fresh breeze. I had achieved a goal I had set before giving birth. That has really boosted my confidence.

From now on, that walk can be part of my repertoire for the daily walks I do around Scone with my daughter. As time continues, I will be able to go up steeper and higher hills again soon. More adventures are to come!

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