Runa’s First Hill

Another weekend meant another small trip with the baby. This time, we decided to summit Runa’s first hill. Nothing fancy, just once of the hills around Scone. We knew the path up would be wide enough to push her up in the buggy.

We worked up a good sweat while pushing the buggy uphill.

Off we set on a sunny afternoon and made our way along the country roads first, before reaching the gate to the trail uphill. Luckily we were able to take turns pushing the baby. I won’t lie, pushing a buggy up a steep slope of wet grass or sand was hard work. Who needs a gym when you have a baby! I was pleased that my body is now recovered enough to get up a hill again. I definitely felt in my legs that I have taken it easy for a while now, but I made it after all.

The fresh breeze up at the top was wonderfully refreshing. After a little rest and enjoying the views, we started making our way down again. Downhill was definitely easier than uphill! While this was just a short walk to test my fitness and if we can actually get the buggy up a hill, longer walks are to follow in the coming weeks. We can’t wait for it!

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