Baby’s First Adventure

Even before our little daughter was born, we knew that we wanted to do plenty of outdoor adventures with her as soon as we could. In preparation, we made sure to get a buggy that is suitable for offroad tracks and will eventually also be suitable for running with her.

Now that our little one is a few weeks old and I’m on the mend, we decided to do a first trip with her last Saturday. Tentsmuir Forest was our chosen destination for this first outing. We knew the area well, there wouldn’t be any big hills to climb and the paths were smooth. After a surprisingly long lie-in, we packed everything we might need for the baby and headed off.

We were a bit nervous to begin with as she had only been on shorter walks around the neighbourhood before, but she did great. After a minute or so of crying at the start, she fell asleep in her buggy while we pushed her through the quiet forest. It was a great change of pace for us to escape the house and do something that reminded us of our pre-baby-days.

At the halfway point, we had a break at some picnic tables and gave Runa a lunchtime feed. Unfortunately, we realised that we had brought everything for the baby, but no lunch for ourselves. A few energy bars were all we had! She enjoyed some time out of the buggy and looked around a bit, before falling fast asleep yet again as we continued our hike back to the car.

In the end, things went a lot more smoothly than I had feared. No long bouts of crying or anything like that, just a sleeping baby. This trip definitely built our confidence for more hikes to come. Eventually, we will be going up bigger hills with her once I’m fully recovered.

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