On The Home Stretch

It has been awfully quiet on this blog lately, and with good reason: As my pregnancy nears its final stages, I am getting more and more sedetary. At 9 months, I can no longer go for slow jogs. It is just too uncomfortable. All I can manage are rather short waddle-walks. I hop on the exercise bike every now and then and do some antenatal pilates. That’s about it. Everything feels exhausting and tiring. It is frustrating how much fitness I have lost, and how I can’t enjoy the hills now that we can access them again after months of lockdown. On the bright side, the renovations of our house are basically finished as we eagerly await installation of the kitchen. It makes me a bit sad that this year, there is no gardening project going on. Having a house move and pregnancy proved to be too much to squeeze that in as well. That will change next year, for sure!

Once our little one is born, I will slowly begin my journey back to fitness. If everything goes well, there will be hikes with the baby in the highlands, while I get back into running. In the long run, I intend to work my way up to ultramarathons again, and hopefully I’ll get to finally do the races I had planned for last year!

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