No Race After All

In my last post I wrote that the Cheviot Goat, my only race in 2020 that I had hoped would go ahead, had been postponed until the 2nd January 2021. With recent developments, it hardly comes as a surprise that it has been cancelled. The news were announced a week before Christmas.

Of course, not having the race is disappointing and I would have loved to go. Given the circumstances, it was the right decision though. And my training hadn’t gone quite to plan anyway, so perhaps I was saved from a painful awakening here. Either way, my motivation plummeted to zero. I took the time around the holidays off to get laser eye surgery. I had been toying with the idea for a while, now seemed like a good opportunity. Running in rain and dark had been increasingly frustrating with glasses on. I’m please to say that it was worth it!

After almost two weeks off running, I am slowly itching to get back out again. It’s time to stop thinking about 2020 and start thinking about 2021. It’s still uncertain when and if races will return, and I am not booking any. I don’t want the same disappointment again that I felt this year. Instead, I will come up with a few personal challenges to train for and then I’ll enter a race if there is an appealing one happening. If not, so be it. They’ll be back eventually. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the trails.

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